Our inspiration

Blue Earth’s inspiration stems from the Nineteenth century poet, designer and entrepreneur, William Morris. Morris championed the necessity of creating quality handmade products that were both useful and beautiful, using traditional methods and techniques.

Morris believed by creating products with integrity (including fair working conditions and better wages) it would improve moral consciousness of how people consumed, including their environmental responsibilities.

He asserted that if people bought quality made goods at a price relative to how they valued and appreciated them, then this would ultimately influence the moral caliber and integrity of society in general.

We have embraced this philosophy in our business ethics.

Our values

At the heart of Blue Earth is an environmental conscience. Our business ethos has always been modeled on one that helps, not harms.

When we built our commercial soap shed we only used sustainable or recycled materials. We also covered the roof with solar panels that which now generates enough renewable energy to run Blue Earth’s entire electricity requirements.

We continue to plant native trees and support re-establishing native forest areas on our large block of land to offset our environmental footprint from living on the land.

We have endeavoured to create a sustainable and ethical business that operates successfully and harmoniously alongside our core values and lifestyle.

About us

Feel free to read this wonderful feature story about us that appeared in This NZ Life magazine that discusses some of our motivation and reasons why we created Blue Earth.

Blue Earth